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These are some of the vehicles are equipped with custom built Ultimate Torque Converters.

Woody Pagano

 Jason Kinash

Travis Almondinger

Trace Meyer

 Robbie Blankenship

Raffe Karaguezian

 Lee Valentine

 Mr. Koester

Ken Voight

Keith Sansone

Johnny Williams

Joe Demarzo

Jim Brown

Jeff Lawrence

Jeff Bardekoff

Joel Howard

Hanratty Brothers

Dave Raybourn

Gene Monahan

Greg Sutherland

Chris Beary

Butch Kemp

Don Bowles

Bill Marshall

Andy Kinash

Ben Mens

 Allan Toetley

John Shaul

Carl Milano

Venice Perno

Al Mark

Butch Kemp

Jeff Roell

Jerry Vignogna

Mark Markow

Angelo Sclafani

Jacob Pitt

Joel Howard

Shawn Jennings

Tim Huspen

Dave Lazaer

Scott Grossenbach 

Phil Smida

Mike Robinson


Donald Green 



Chuck Lofgren

Mike Kost

 Rich Mollison

Rich Mollison













"Thank you Ultimate Lenny for selling us a converter that gives the stall speed we want down low and the efficiency we need up top. Your converters take a lot of the trick out of hooking a DOT radial and your patience and service are greatly appreciated."

- Trace Meyer

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