Frequently Asked Questions about Custom Torque Converters

Custom Torque Converters for Drag Racing

Good question... And one that takes a very long and detailed answer. Fortunately, we have taken the liberty of explaining all of the gory details of how a torque converter works and how it affects drag racing in our very own article on the subject which you can read here.

"Off the Shelf" Torque Converters

No. All of our torque converters are custom built to be as unique as the customers themselves. We pride ourselves on the one-on-one attention we give to our customers during each project to make sure what you get is exactly what you need for your high performance application.

Custom Torque Converters

You pour your heart and soul into your vehicle and we pour our heart and soul into this very vital component of your performance. We will never give you something that "sort of works" or "comes close". We will work with you to ensure all the time and money you have spent on your vehicle doesn't come to and end where it really counts, which is the bottom line performance.

Credit Cards

Yes. We accept all major credit cards.